Allied World Perspective

At Allied World our business leaders are experts in their field and provide valuable insights and opinions on current industry events. You can read some of those perspectives below in our recent whitepapers: 

December 2018 - Healthcare - The Evolution of Medical Tourism - Ajay Aggarwal explores how the medical tourism industry is changing.

November 2018 - Insurance Agents E&O - The Impact of M&A on Insurance Agents & Brokers Professional Liability – Michelle Girardin Freimuth explains E&O coverage pitfalls when buying an insurance agency.

November 2018 - Risk Management - Download Allied World’s Tropical Cyclone Outlook 2018/19 for the Pacific Region

October 2018 - Insurance Agents E&O - Looking to purchase an insurance agency? These 5 Mistakes Could Ruin Your Acquisition” – Michelle Girardin Freimuth interview with Risk & Insurance.

October 2018 - Professional Indemnity - Brilliant architecture needs bold Risk Management - Alexander Liu, Vice President, Asia-Pacific, shares his thoughts on the risk challenges for Architects & Engineers.

October 2018 - Risk Management - Download Allied World’s Typhoon & Cyclone Preparedness Guide

September 2018 - Diversity & Inclusion in Insurance – Asia-Pacific has a lot to celebrate when it comes to Diversity & Inclusion - Michael Garrison, President, Asia-Pacific comments on Dive In 2018.

September 2018 – Healthcare – Your Patients’ Gender Identity Matters – Rebecca Dalpe of Foster & Eldridge LLP and Kristen Lambert discuss the unique considerations when treating LGBTQ patients in a healthcare setting.

July 2018 – Healthcare – Data & Artificial Intelligence in the Health Service  – Ajay Aggarwal examines what new technology will mean for the NHS and its patients.

July 2018 - Cyber - Regulatory Enforcement Motivates Cyber Push - Jason Glasgow talks to Business Insurance America about how regulatory enforcement is motivating companies to bolster their cyber security efforts.

July 2018 - Construction & Engineering - The Impact of Technology on Construction Risks - Read about the impact AI, 3D printing and battery storage will have on construction and renewable projects in Asia-Pacific.

June 2018 - Cyber - The new cyber exposures with serious implications for Fortune 500 companies - Dale Chow talks to Corporate Risk and Insurance about cyber concerns impacting large companies.

June 2018 - Healthcare - Second Opinion - Terry Dreyer discusses Navigating Difficult Conversations during Shifting Cycles.

June 2018 - Cyber - Panic Over GDPR Noncompliance Fines: Is It Overblown? - Jason Glasgow is quoted in Corporate Counsel, powered by

June 2018 - Construction & Engineering/Risk Management - Download Allied World’s Storm Advisory for Construction Sites and our Infographic Checklist.

June 2018 - General Casualty - AIRMIC. The insurance industry’s opportunity to get close to the concerns of risk managers - James Emerton discusses the importance of face-to-face contact and the value of close working relationships.

June 2018 - Healthcare - Could the rise of the private online GP pose a future risk to the creation of superbugs?  - Ajay Aggarwal looks into the benefits and risks of telemedicine in respect to superbugs.

May 2018 - UK Commercial Division - We Don't Do "Computer Says No" - Darren Rowe explains how the Allied World approach is different.

April 2018 - Cyber and Construction - The Case for Cyber Coverage in the Construction Industry - Construction Companies are not exempt from the dangers of cyber crime. Jason Glasgow details the many exposures within this industry.

April 2018 - Environmental - Disasters Leave a Toxic Tail - Marcel Ricciardelli reviews the environmental effects of  the 2017 hurricanes in this Risk & Insurance article.

April 2018 - Employment Practices - Proactive Policies Help Companies Handle Workplace Harassment- The spotlight on workplace harassment is new, but the issue itself is not. Risk & Insurance interviews Gregg Glick on ways to manage the exposure long term.

April 2018 - Risk Management - I'll Text You - Moira Wertheimer looks at the challenges posed by sending text messages within a Healthcare setting.

March 2018 - Excess Casualty - A Steady Market Despite Increasing Pressure - Derek Broaddus speaks to Rough Notes about the state of the market for municipalities.

March 2018 - Healthcare - Second Opinion on Telemedicine - David Imhoff discusses how telemedicine can differ from traditional “in-person” doctor-patient encounters and offers insight to better understand the emerging risks.

March 2018 – Healthcare  - Duty of Candour - Dr Ajay Aggarwal looks at the effectiveness of this reform four years on. 

February 2018 - Construction - Addressing Construction Risks with Technology - Joe Cellura reviews the latest advances in construction technology in this Risk Management article.

February 2018 – SME Package  - Protecting Your Real Estate Renovation - Andy Tsui shares his views on some of the insurance risks homeowners and contractors may face.

January 2018 - Healthcare - Top Trends in Healthcare - Gwen Stokes and Kim Delaney look at the challenges for Healthcare organizations.

January 2018 - Employment Practices - Harassment in the Workplace. A Carrier’s Perspective. - Gregg Glick focuces on what carriers and brokers should be doing to ensure that their clients are adequately covered and taking steps to avoid or mitigate these risks. Gwen Stokes provides a list of risk management tips that companies should adopt.

January 2018 - Claims - Getting behind the Single Claims Agreement - Steve Crabb shares some of his thoughts on claims in the London market.

December 2017 - Claims - The IoT: Interconnectivity and Risk - Carrie Campi and Richard Mather contribute to a recent blog. 

December 2017 -  Employment Practices - Gregg Glick provides his point of view in a recent Insurance Business America article.

December 2017 -  Risk Management - J. Anton Koch, Senior Risk Engineer, Singapore, explains what you need to know about tower block cladding.

December 2017 -  Allied World’s Cultural Edge - Lou Iglesias speaks to Carrier Management magazine about how culture impacts growth.

December 2017 -  Allied World in North America - Lou Iglesias explains the North America growth strategy.

November 2017 - Cyber - How to Help Clients Protect Payment Processing Systems - Jason Glasgow's article about cybercrime and payment processing hacks in Insurance Journal.

November 2017 - Healthcare - Second Opinion on When Insuring Healthcare Management Liability Risks, Experience Counts - Kim Delaney discusses the many ways that knowledgeable underwriters can add value and provide a competitive edge.

November 2017 - Claims - Cybersecurity Talent Shortage & Need to Retrain the Workforce - David J. Rock, Esq., AVP, explains what companies can do to help prevent cybercrime and prepare for the future.

November 2017 - Casualty - Safe Driving: The Struggle to Limit Vehicle and Fleet Losses  - Joseph Cellura provides insight on the commercial auto liability market in this ENR article.

November 2017 - Professional Liability - The benefits of an Insurance career - Insurance Business speaks to Alex Liu about his love for his job. 

November 2017 - Allied World after Fairfax - Lou Iglesias discusses the benefits of the Fairfax deal for Allied World.

November 2017 - Professional Liability -  Tips for Success with Schemes - Alex Liu shares his insights on Schemes.

November 2017 - ClaimsCyber-Crime and Your Business - Richard Mather explains breachless cyber claims and provides a checklist to consider when purchasing cyber liability insurance.

October 2017 - UK Commercial Simple Solutions for Risk Managers - Darren Rowe outlines how to keep it simple in a complex world.

October 2017 - HealthcareManaging Risk Associated with the Opioid Epidemic - Pauline Barry and Moira Wertheimer wrote an article for Physicians Weekly that focuses on regulatory mechanisms and risk mitigation strategies for health care providers.

October 2017 - Professional Liability - Turning the Market - Al Fantuzzi contributes to this recent Risk & Insurance article.

October 2017 - Mike Jacapraro - Developing a Legionella Water Management Program - This white paper discusses how to manage building water systems against Legionella and other waterborne pathogens.

October 2017 - DBA White paper - Personal Protective Equipment - This white paper describes risk management suggestions related to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

October 2017 - Casualty - Post-Hurricane Rebuild Risk Management - Joseph Cellura examines the construction rebuild after the recent hurricane devastation.

October 2017 - Business Development - Tailored insurance offers better value - Enrico Bertagna discusses how bespoke insurance partnerships are valuable for risk managers.

October 2017 - HealthcareWith Batch Claims, Stop the Bleeding - Holly Meidl and Joanne Wayman contributed to Risk & Insurance’s Industry Risk Report: Health Care.

October 2017 - Public D&OAre you getting your D&O clients the coverage they need? - Michael Piccione discusses our new Executive ForceField® product for Canadian companies.

September 2017 - Casualty - Could Harvey and Irma Harden the Insurance Market? - Greg May speaks with Business Insurance to share his market view. 

September 2017 - Casualty - An Insider’s View - 2017 E&S Specialty Market - Derek Broaddus provides his insights in National Underwriter's Property Casualty 360.

September 2017 - General Trends - Core Relationships, Underwriting Unchanged in Next Decade: Allied World Exec – Bobby Bowden gives his view to Carrier Management Magazine.

September 2017 - Casualty - Discussion on the Latest Emerging E&S Exposures - Greg May speaks with A.M. Best at the NAPSLO 2017 conference. 

September 2017 - Professional Liability - Point of view: Company Boards and Cyber - Denise Choy comments on the why the board of any company should be aware of cyber risks. 

September 2017 - Healthcare - Second Opinion on the Opioid Epidemic - Lisa Bauer looks at opioid addiction from a professional liability perspective, specifically the exposures and issues clients should consider when securing coverage.

September 2017 - Construction & EngineeringNavigating the Liability Waters - Steve Lako contributes to an article in Constructor Magazine.

September 2017 - EnvironmentalAmple Capacity Keeps E&S Rates Down - Marcel Ricciardelli contributes to the discussion on the state of the market in Business Insurance.

July 2017 - EnvironmentalPer/Poly Fluorinated Compounds (PFCs) in the Environment - In this white paper Mike Jacapraro discusses a range of issues associated with PFCs.

July 2017 - M&A and Accounts Receivable InsuranceHow Accounts Receivable Insurance Can Help Your Deal - by Jeff Anderson & Kent Paisley.

July 2017 - HealthcareManaging Risk Associated with Contaminated Heater-Cooler Devices Used in Cardiac Surgery - Gwen Stokes wrote an article for Physicians Weekly that offers proactive steps hospitals can take to manage the risk of contaminated devices.

June 2017 - Construction & Engineering Tech Targets Construction Risk Management - Steve Lako contributes to a conversation on the use of risk management technology in this Insurance Journal article.

June 2017 - CasualtyEasing Regulations, Speed of New Infrastructure Projects Raises Concerns for Underwriters - Joe Cellura reviews the possible effects of an infrastructure boom in this Insurance Journal article.

June 2017 - HealthcareHow to Be a Highly Effective Healthcare Risk Manager - Gwen Stokes discusses the multiple challenges risk managers face in an interview with

June 2017 - HealthcareWhat should you consider when thinking of serving as a medical director? - Kristen Lambert answers this question in a recent article in Psychiatric News.

June 2017 - Construction & EngineeringProject delays are a big headache - Read this thought leadership piece by Jacob Hewitt.

June 2017 - CasualtyBody Cameras, Pros and Cons - Derek Broaddus contributes to the June issue of Risk & Insurance.

June 2017 - HealthcareA Medical Examiner Wants Information. What’s Next? - Read the latest article in PsychNews written by Allied World's Moira Wertheimer.

June 2017 - Healthcare - Second Opinion on the Inherent Dangers of Adding Third Parties as Additional Insureds - Ann Seymour and Dawn Alderucci look at the consequences of what appears to be a harmless request.

May 2017 - Mike JacapraroPollution Risks from Natural Disasters and Response Case Studies - This white paper outlines recent, noteworthy pollution risks and response case studies.

May 2017 - DBA White paper - Mitigating the Risk of Workplace Trauma - This original white paper draws on case studies and research while offering the appropriate ingredients to establish a culture that helps mitigate the risk of workplace trauma.

May 2017 - Getting on the right side of disruption - In this article Julian James discusses some of the changes that need to be made in the London market.

May 2017 - Cyber - Micro objects create mega risks - This article J. Anton Koch discusses the complexity around the Semi-Conductor industry.

April 2017 - Healthcare - Second Opinion on M&A in Healthcare - Stacy Cerruto and Samantha Norcross review M&A activity in Healthcare and delve into issues that should be considered on both the Healthcare Management Liability and Medical Professional Liability sides.

April 2017 - Environmental - Changes in Energy Regulation - Marcel Ricciardelli contributes to Risk & Insurance’s article.

April 2017 - Environmental - Severe Weather Imperils Fuel Pipelines - This article looks at how severe weather incidents are increasing pipeline loss frequency.

April 2017 - Casualty - U.S. Economic Nationalism - Joe Cellura contributes to Risk & Insurance’s article.

April 2017 - Private Company D&O - Broad Intellectual Property Coverage Presents Challenges in Private D&O -Will Grein is featured in this Insurance Journal article.

April 2017 - Business Development - It’s a great time to be a Risk Manager - In this article Bobby Bowden outlines why now is a good time to be a risk manager.


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